About Pro+Award 

Since the Reform and Opening-up, China has experienced the greatest and fastest urbanization process in the history of the world, because of which the real estate industry has developed rapidly. As the core of the real estate projects, architectures can create new value for the overall cultural outlook and spiritual life of the city and improve the satisfaction of the public, and they are the important contents with both social and economic benefits. However, the rapid development has brought about a lot of problems: the construction life is too short, and a lot of social resources have been wasted, causing a lot of construction waste and huge environmental threat; The high carbon emissions of architectures have brought great pressure to cities in terms of land, energy and environment. Today, the global epidemic has brought unprecedented challenges to urban development. Sustainable cities need to be carried and reflected by architectures, which requires architectures to be green and low-carbon, take the road of sustainable development, and be people-oriented and coexist with urban culture. Although green architectures have been gradually popularized in the recent 20 years, their actual operation effect is not satisfactory, and there are generally problems of emphasizing design and neglecting operation. As a participant in the whole process of architectural development, real estate architects are inseparable from urban development. How to lead real estate architects to design and build high-quality architectures is the key to sustainable urban development.

As an award with professionalism, benchmarking, value and credibility in the real estate industry, "Pro+ Award" takes "applicability, economy, green and beauty" as the construction policy, guides the sustainable and healthy development of urban construction, and selects the annual real estate projects with real commercial value, cultural value and social value from the three aspects of early-stage planning, post evaluation and whole process management of the project.